Adding Literature to your Italy Wedding Ceremony

Add literature to your Italy Wedding Ceremony

Adding Literature to your Italy Wedding Ceremony

Adding literature to your wedding ceremony in Italy gives that Italian spirit to an otherwise traditional mood.  Here are some sample readings in both English and Italian, so you can pick the language that fits your wedding ceremony best.

One of Italy’s most famous poets is Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy, an epic,  three-volume narrative poem all Italians learn almost by heart in high school. The story travels through Hell, Pergatory and Heaven where Dante is guided by his ideal woman, Beatrice.  He wrote the following poems for her prior to the Divine Comedy:

Add literature to your Italy Wedding CeremonyIo mi senti’ svegliar dentro a lo core

Io mi senti’ svegliar dentro a lo core
Un spirito amoroso che dormia:
E poi vidi venir da lungi Amore
Allegro sì, che appena il conoscia,

Dicendo: “Or pensa pur di farmi onore”;         
E ’n ciascuna parola sua ridia.
E poco stando meco il mio segnore,
Guardando in quella parte onde venia,

E sì come la mente mi ridice,
Amor mi disse: “Quell’è Primavera,
E quell’ha nome Amor, sì mi somiglia”.


I Felt a Loving Spirit Suddenly

I felt a loving spirit suddenly,
past a long slumber, in my heart arise;
from far away then Love I seemed to see,
so glad, I could his face ill recognize.

He told me, “Do your best to honor me,”         
and laughter in each word I did surmise.
With my lord there, I was still eagerly
watching his steps, when I, to my surprise,


And—here is what I am reminded of—
Love said, “That one is Spring, and she
resembles me so much, since her name is Love.”

Tutti li miei penser parlan d’Amore

Tutti li miei penser parlan d’Amore;

E hanno in lor sì gran varietate,

Ch’altro mi fa voler sua potestate,

Altro folle ragiona il suo valore,


Altro sperando m’apporta dolzore,                 5

Altro pianger mi fa spesse fiate;

E sol s’accordano in cherer pietate,

Tremando di paura che è nel core.


Ond’io non so da qual matera prenda;

E vorrei dire, e non so ch’io mi dica:             10

Così mi trovo in amorosa erranza.


E se con tutti voi’ fare accordanza,

Convenemi chiamar la mia nemica,

Madonna la Pietà, che mi difenda



All of My Thoughts Can Only Speak of Love

All of my thoughts can only speak of Love,

greatly endowed with such variety

that one compels me all his might to see,

madly another does his valor prove,


another makes me hope as well as grieve,             5

and still another brings but tears to me:

on begging but for pity they agree,

such are the fears that in my heart still live.


Thus, with no subject wherefrom to commence,

I wish to speak, and know not what to say,           10

in such a lovely labyrinth am I!


And if for peaceful living now I sigh,

invoke I must my only foe today—

my Lady Mercy in my sole defense

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