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Your Wedding Celebrants in Italy – We are a local Italian couple married 20 years. 

About Your Wedding Celebrants in Italy

We have been married for 20 years – yay!  We love helping people get married in Italy, just think:  it’s always a happy moment, there’s always a party, and since it’s in Italy, there’s alway great food!  

We tied the knot in Florence with a civil ceremony in the Old Palace – it was so beautiful!  We had all our close family and friends at a local farmhouse for 2 days of celebration, everyone still talks about our wedding in Florence 🙂

Bonnie & Luca Your Wedding Celebrants


As an ordained wedding officiant from California who has lived in Italy for almost 30 years.  I am grateful when couples getting married in Italy choose me to perform their wedding ceremony – it means a lot to me to be able to help make the day memorable for couples who travel so far to solemnize their wedding vows in such a romantic place as Italy.  We work together to find the right atmosphere for making your promises to each other: sweet and solemn, fun, spiritual, traditional; whatever feels right for you.  I am happy to share ceremony examples from other weddings as well as readings, suggestions for music, ceremony area set up and processional/recessional advice.  Having worked for over 12 years as a wedding planner in places like Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como and Lake Garda, Amalfi Coast, Rome … after close to 500 weddings later, I have decided to focus on the most heartfelt part of the wedding day offering you guidance and all my experience to create the perfect ‘I do’ moment.  We work together on wording the ceremony the way you want it to sound, then we select readings and music to build up the ceremony that represents you as a couple and that feels right with the vows you dedicate to each other.  With a background as a destination wedding planner I can also give you suggestions on how the ceremony area may work best at your location, whether you need microphones or not, and I am happy to be at rehearsal to make sure you feel comfortable with the way the ceremony flows on the big day.

Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding but they are without a doubt the most memorable because it is your ceremony, your way.

Bonnie Wedding Celebrant in Italy
Luca Wedding Official in Italy


An authentic Italian born in Rome, I am proud that you have chosen my country to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.  I am always amazed at how couples travel so far for their wedding although I cannot blame them that they choose Italy!  I have been performing symbolic ceremonies in English since 2006 and each one is very special to me.  I love meeting couples on skype for the first time to talk about how the ceremony will go and make sure that both are comfortable with how the ceremony unfolds.  

I am always happy to add a little Italian touch to the ceremony by reciting something in Italian myself or suggesting short readings in Italian for someone else to read.  After all, we are in Italy, right?!

I am also happy to give suggestions on how the ceremony area should be set up in terms of p.a. system, where readers should stand, etc.  I am happy to perform special rituals as well such as handfasting, unity candle lighting, salt ceremonies.