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Our commitment

Our commitment is to make the most valued moment of your wedding day an everlasting memory for you and for all your loved ones who took the time and trouble and made the trip to come all the way to Italy to be with you!! Whether a marriage, commitment, or vow renewal ceremony, together we will create a meaningful ceremony reflecting the beauty and spirituality of your special day in the stunning setting of Italy.

Write your own vows or choose from the many ceremonies we can provide, then plan music, readings, and unique rituals that place a signature on your wedding ceremony in Italy. If you would like some Italian accents in your ceremony, we are happy to add them!

Weddings in Italy are so romantic!

You may have chosen to get married in Italy for that very reason, or you may have compromised for ‘neutral ground’ to have your wedding on if you are from two different countries. Bringing together families and cultures is what weddings are all about and we help you build a ceremony that identifies with both your backgrounds, customs, and beliefs by suggesting words, readings, music, and rituals. We welcome interfaith, non-denominational and intercultural couples and will honor the customs of both partners by seamlessly incorporating the cultural practices that come from both families.

We help you create an environment at your wedding where your guests will see a little of the magic of how you met and fell in love. With a little help from you we can create a wedding that is personally designed and uniquely written just for your wedding day.

As Symbolic Wedding Celebrants in Italy we respect the right of all couples to rejoice in the love they have for each other with family and friends.

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